It was a pretty unique weekend for Taking Back Sunday, who on Saturday had to adjust on the fly as a weather delay caused the band to play an acoustic headlining set at the Four Chord Music Festival. But that was just the beginning as the group turned up in a Long Island backyard for an energetic performance on Sunday.

According to fans on social media, the group set up shop at the Smith brothers backyard in Long Island, New York. It was a homecoming for the group who hail from Long Island, taking them back to the early days of the group playing shows for the locals.

The concert was a welcome surprise for the hometown denizens. One fan wrote, "Taking Back Sunday playing a show show on Long Island was not my 2023 Bingo card." Another added, "What's more LIHC than Taking Back Sunday playing the Smith brothers house." Check out some of the fan shot video and photos from the show below along with more reaction from those in attendance.

As for Saturday (Aug. 12), as mentioned, Taking Back Sunday had to adjust on the fly after a lengthy weather-related delay for potential tornadoes in the area stalled the Four Chord Music Festival. As noted by officials, Taking Back Sunday played an acoustic set once things started back up.

The band noted in an Instagram video shared from the performance, "Thanks to everyone who stayed yesterday and sang along despite the crazy weather and thanks to our crew and @fourchordmusicfestival for ignoring the mess and making the best of it. We got to debut the acoustic version of ‘The One’ and we had a lot of fun." Additional video and photos from the performance can be seen in the band's Instagram stories.

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Taking Back Sunday will return to playing more traditional shows later this month, with a couple of September shows on the books as well. Stops in Las Vegas, St. Louis and Kansas City will taking place over the next two weekends, with a pair of Florida-based late September dates. Get details here.

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