If you've ever been to a concert, you know just how draining they can be. A new study by PureGym has revealed the most tiring rock and metal artists to see live based on how "physically demanding" their current concerts are.

To conduct the study, PureGym analyzed data from artists who are currently on tour, so unfortunately, we won't see Slayer on this list, though we imagine they'd have ranked pretty high if they were still on the road. The findings were based on the artists' "exhaustion score," which PureGym calculated by looking at the average BPM (beats per minute) of each musicians' set, as well as the total runtime of all of the songs they performed, excluding interludes and set changes. The scores were calculated with 100 being the highest possible number.

PureGym personal trainer Chris Collett noted that people can hit around 15,000 steps while attending a three-hour concert because of all of the dancing and moving around.

“A concert can be a fantastic way of getting in a nice 10km while walking or dancing and having fun without even getting out of breath!" he said. "Beyond the numbers though, music events really are just a great way to reduce stress and release those happy hormones that being active can give us.”

So, who are the most tiring artists to see perform? Taylor Swift, who's currently on her massive Eras tour, had the highest exhaustion score of any artist (91), so she came in at No. 1. Bad Bunny followed at No. 2, and then The Cure landed at No. 3, with an exhaustion score of 88. The Cure are currently on their first North American tour since 2016, so their fans have been waiting a long time to get their energy out at their shows.

Bruce Springsteen came in just behind The Cure at No. 4, Radiohead landed at No. 8 and Metallica at No. 10. My Chemical Romance, Paul McCartney and Muse also landed in the Top 15.

See a table of the findings below, and check out the full report here.

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PureGym also has some tips for concertgoers, both to prepare for and recover from shows. When preparing your body for a concert, they suggest training by taking dance-based exercise classes, strength training, working out on uneven ground, wearing proper shoes and eating a balance diet in the few days leading up to it.

Afterward, on the other hand, PureGym says people can recover from concerts by hydrating, eating a healthy diet, stretching, sleeping adequate hours and performing some light exercises after, rather than just jumping back into an intense workout regimen.


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