What are the second best songs of so-called "one hit wonders"?

No band ever starts off their career expecting one song to overshadow the remainder of their output, yet there are a number of acts that will forever seem to be known for one giant smash.

In some cases, the "one hit wonder" tag is applied to a band who simply was one and done with barely a sniff of any additional radio airplay. In other cases, we have some acts that had one giant smash who continued to record and release additional songs, but nothing that seemingly came anywhere close to their big song. But each of these acts has one thing in common - one giant monster hit!

But rather than give due to songs you've heard countless times, we're here to take a broader view of these "one hit wonders" catalog. What are the second best songs from each of these bands? Do you remember them? Is there a reason these songs didn't have the staying power that their big hit did?

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From Mountain to Crazy Town, let's revisit the second best songs from 10 One-Hit Wonders.

The Second Best Song of 10 One Hit Wonders

Beyond the big one, what else did these one-hit wonders have to offer and do you remember these songs?

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