Former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach recently sat down with My 3 Questions To podcast host Jonathan Montenegro to chat about what he misses most about the music industry in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Unsurprisingly, he gave a very candid response: “I would say what I miss most . . . is the music industry. There really isn’t one anymore. It’s more based on social media.”

As transcribed by Blabbermouth, Bach continued:

What do I miss about then in music industry? Well, back then we used to have to go to a record store, spend a couple of hours choosing what music you wanted to buy. Nowadays you can just press a button and get every song recorded by man. So it was much more invested.

Also, not just anybody was making records in the '80s. You had to get a record contract and you had to prove that you were worthy of making records. There was no such thing as Pro Tools to adjust your performance in the studio; it was a much more organic, realistic way of recording then, 'cause we just didn't have the technology that we have now.

He certainly makes an interesting point (or two). Plus, he shares his thoughts on the decline of music videos and radio.

Two other things that I miss is rock videos on television. MTV used to be so much fun, doing “Dial MTV,” everybody voting for their favorite videos of the day and then seeing who won at the end of the day on “Dial MTV.” That was so much fun.

The other thing I miss is radio. Rock radio these days, to me, is just like one station. In the '80s, each city had its own distinctive radio station with personalities and specific DJs. They played more of what they wanted instead of just a national playlist [of songs].

As Loudwire reported last week (Dec. 12), Bach is set to be inducted into the 2023 Metal Hall of Fame alongside Twisted Sister, thrash band Raven and former Foreigner vocalist Lou Gramm.

Earlier this month, Bach appeared on the I Am All In with Scott Patterson podcast to discuss his “new record label” and upcoming successor to 2014’s Give ‘Em Hell.

Regarding why it’s taken nearly a decade to finish it, he explained that he had “to figure out a way to cut through the clutter, because everybody and their cousin puts out an album or has a YouTube page” (via Blabbermouth). He also promised that it’ll be “heavy,” adding: “In many ways, it is my follow-up to [2007’s] Angel Down. I am trying to make the best record I have ever made. There will be a lot of heavy [music] coming your way.”

So, what do you think of Bach’s thoughts on the late ‘80s music industry? Are you looking forward to his next record? Let us know!

Also, you can watch his full interview with Jonathan Montenegro below:

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