In a new interview, Falling in Reverse's Ronnie Radke explained why Falling in Reverse haven't released a new studio album since their 2017 effort, Coming Home, saying that album "tanked."

So the Falling in Reverse bandleader looked to a prominent hip-hop artist in adopting Falling in Reverse's current strategy for releasing music over the last few years, as Blabbermouth reported.

That is, Radke concentrated on issuing standalone Falling in Reverse singles rather than traditional albums. It's an approach that has worked for Falling in Reverse, as the rock band evidenced in their most successful single to date, 2019's "Popular Monster." The song got Falling in Reverse their first-ever RIAA platinum record, and they've been focusing on releasing singles ever since.

What Radke Says on 'Coming Home'

"Well, my album Coming Home didn't do well — it tanked," Radke tells the radio station 100.3 The X. "It did bad. It didn't do well. The numbers don't lie like they say — in good ways and bad ways. So, I noticed a lot of bands that were my age that were putting out [new music], trying their hardest and they were trying to figure it out. And I just remember being, like, 'I can't put another album out.' I'm, like, 'What can I do? Because I don't wanna go down. I don't wanna disappear into the abyss of aging emo.'"

How Ronnie Radke Looked to Drake

The Falling in Reverse singer continues, "There's a lot of bands that have done that. So I looked to rap, like Drake, and I was, like, 'What are they doing?' And they're putting out singles. They just drop a single. Pop artists drop singles. I'm, like, 'Okay, so what if I put all my creativity into one song instead of putting all my creativity into 10 songs and being rushed to get it out?"

Drake (Ronald Martinez, Getty Images)

Radke adds, "Your creativity starts spreading out over 10 songs. If you put it all into one song, it's really good. And then you put all your creativity into this music video. And it worked. Slowly."

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Other rockers are also increasingly thinking around the album. In a separate interview, Atreyu's Brandon Saller spoke about his band's experience releasing albums in the digital age.

"I care less and less about the traditional kind of methods of things and more about how do we actually get people to have the opportunity to digest all of the art?" Saller tells The Brutally Delicious Podcast. "You put out an album, put out 12 songs on an album, and four of them get a light shined on them."

Falling In Reverse In Concert - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Ronnie Radke (Johnny Louis, Getty Images)

Saller adds, "And then the other eight are in the hundreds of thousands if that — maybe they hit a million. They're in the dark and you spent all this time on these songs." (via Blabbermouth)

As for Falling in Reverse, a promised new Falling in Reverse EP titled Neon Zombie has yet to materialize. It was thought it might collect the Radke-led group's singles since 2022.

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Falling in Reverse's Ronnie Radke Talks to 100.3 The X - July 26, 2023

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