There were a couple of rock stars and celebrities at guitarist Nita Strauss' wedding this past weekend in Los Angeles.

Strauss married her manager Josh Villalta, on Saturday (May 4) at the Hollywood Roosevelt. The pair met in 2011, and Villalta proposed in July of 2023 the night of Strauss' release party for her latest solo album The Call of the Void. 

Who Attended Nita Strauss' Wedding?

There were a total of 120 guests at the wedding, according to People. WWE star Mick Foley, who retired in 2012, officiated the wedding ceremony, and The Godfather of Shock Rock Alice Cooper and his wife Sheryl did a reading together as well.

Other rockers and celebrities in attendance were Disturbed's David Draiman and John Moyer, Demi Lovato and her fiancé Jutes, guitarist Pete Thorn, bassists Leanne Bowes (Demi Lovato) and Chuck Garric (Alice Cooper), drummer Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper), vocalist Kasey Karlsen and guitarist Johnny Young (Nita Strauss) and keyboardist Katt Scarlett (Nita Strauss, Femme Fatale).

Nita Strauss + Alice Cooper Performing at Strauss' Wedding
Instagram - @brandi13

There Were Some Special Performances

It wouldn't have been a rock star wedding without some rock 'n' roll. Strauss performed a couple of tracks with Cooper, Garric and Sobel. Draiman sang "Enter Sandman" by Metallica with John Moyer on bass and the groom on drums, and also sang Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love."

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They also had a live karaoke band for guests to sing along with called The Moon Units.

"Since most of our friends are musicians, it was a rocking reception!" Strauss told People.

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