Here are 10 times rock and metal bands switched singers after their first album!

Sometimes, things just aren’t meant to be. That’s as true of jobs and relationships as it is the earliest configurations of our favorite rock and metal acts.

In fact, because it can take a few years for bands to find their footing and solidify their definitive lineup, it’s not uncommon for a guitarist, bassist, drummer or – as this list highlights – lead singer to be replaced after the debut album!

Subsequently, said vocalist’s one-and-done appearance turns the corresponding collection into a hidden gem (or a negligible anomaly) in the group’s catalog; meanwhile, the singer moves onto other musical ventures or leaves the industry entirely.

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The 10 artists featured below certainly demonstrate such situations.

Whether due to creative differences, professional incompatibilities or another reason altogether, these ensembles parted ways with their frontmen between their first and second full-length records. In the process, they more or less kickstarted their legacies.

(Note that we’re disregarding cases in which there isn’t a complete separation with the lead singer, plus cases in which there’s some debate regarding what constitutes the debut album. For instance, Syd Barrett sang Pink Floyd’s sophomore outing, A Saucerful of Secrets, and Mate. Feed. Kill. – led by Anders Colsefni – is considered a demo by most fans and even Slipknot themselves.)

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