NSFW Warning: This list may be, you know, not safe for work. Unless you work for a sex toy company — then it's probably fine. Read on!

Did you know there are several rock and metal artists that have come out with their own branded sex toys? If you didn't, now you do — and we go over 10 of them in this list.

After all, some rock and metal performers really like to keep their fans on edge. And these  artists took that notion and really ran with it by releasing their own vibrators or dildos or, even in one case, an inflatable sheep with an — um — receptacle in it. (Yes, that really happened.)

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Cambridge Dictionary defines a sex toy as "an object that people use to increase their sexual pleasure, such as a dildo or a vibrator." And rock and metal brings its listeners great pleasure, right? So why not add to that pleasure with some sexual gratification?

Ready to get started? Keep scrolling down below to read about 10 rock and metal artists who issued their very own sex toys, complete with pictures. Just try not to get too titillated!

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