Though there is a 30-year gap between the two years, there are quite a few rock and metal artists who released new albums in 1994 and 2024, or are planning to release a new one in 2024.

Longevity hasn't been in the cards for a lot of musicians, but others have been able to keep going strong for three decades or even longer. It's a vastly different world today than it was in the mid-'90s, and music has gone through many different cycles since then. Alternative rock and grunge were in the spotlight around that time, and rock alone looks very different today.

Some bands have had multiple lineup changes, some only have one or two original members left. Others have experimented greatly, and have either returned to or completely departed from the sound they became known for when they first started out.

We compiled a list of rock and metal artists who released new albums both in 1994 and 2024, or have a set release date for a new record this year. Compilations and live albums don't count, we only considered full-length studio albums for the list. Some of the artists you'll see include Pearl Jam, Green Day, Bruce Dickinson and more.

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Scroll through the album covers below to see the artists who released new records then and now. It takes a lot of work to keep a musical career going for 30 years, and these rockers have succeeded.

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