Here are 10 rock bands who followed up a classic album with a total dud.

Greatness in music is rather fleeting and if it was so easy to routinely achieve such high creative marks, we wouldn't all marvel at it the way we currently do. It's something that is generally perceived as consensus, which means that individuals with all different musical preferences are hearing things the same way, regardless of the kind of nuance they tend to appreciate.

Perhaps as fans we set ourselves up for disappointment, putting unrealistic pressure on our favorite artists. Creativity can come in bursts or streaks, even within a flash where musicians feel like they're some sort of divining rod for getting all-time rock hits out to the masses, sent from some ethereal plane by the gods of rock. We've all heard about those songs that bands wrote in a matter of minutes... and that just doesn't happen every time you enter the studio.

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Even so, bad or just subpar albums are disappointment. Just like these creators, fans are human too and anticipation is one of the many emotions that make life exciting. It's natural to feel let down, just don't take it out on the artists — there's almost always another album to come, and maybe that one will be better!

10 Rock Bands Who Followed Up a Classic Album With a Total Dud

Every artist has their ups and downs. Sometimes the downs come right after a high mark.

10 Metal Bands Who Followed Up a Classic Album With a Total Dud

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