Ah technology! Every once in a while there's a little glitch that makes us smile, and the folks at Android Police have revealed an interesting one in Google Assistant's alarms feature that has been happening with the Pixies song "Where Is My Mind?" It seems Black Francis' opening "Stop" command has been shutting off alarm clocks.

The trouble began when Google rolled out a feature where users could say "Stop" or "Snooze" rather than "Hey Google" to deliver a command concerning setting an alarm through Google Assistant. These could be used on Google's phones starting with the Pixel 6, according to Android Police.

But some users found that their alarms didn't go off, and one Redditor's research revealed why. They had used the Pixies' "Where Is My Mind" from their Spotify playlist as a shuffled music alarm, and after Kim Deal's opening "Ooooh," Black Francis offers and emphatic, "Stop!," which was apparently enough to trigger the app's command to shut down the alarm. The person hadn't used the Pixies song on a daily basis, which is why the alarm only shut off on certain days. You can see a demonstration below.

Android Phone Alarm Turns Off During Pixies' "Where Is My Mind?"

After learning of the unique glitch, Android Police and other Redditors tried out other songs with prominent "Stop" phrases in their songs. Tracks such as M.C. Hammer's "U Can't Touch This," Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby," Jane's Addiction's "Stop," The Hollies' "Stop Stop Stop," The Supremes' "Stop! in the Name of Love" and Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" were among the songs tested, but only the Pixies track seemed to trigger the app to shut down the alarm.

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Pixies became aware of the unique tech glitch through Android Police's article, and have since shared their apology on social media. "Sorry about that," wrote the band with a series of emojis.

Now that you're wide awake and reading this article, revisit the Pixies classic "Where Is My Mind," but make sure any alarms in listening distance remain set after. And if you wish to use your phone to pick up some Pixies concert tickets, do so here.

Pixies, "Where Is My Mind?"

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