Step aside, Greta Van Fleet. Pitchfork's latest "shots fired" review takes aim at Maneskin's new album, Rush!, with the Italian rockers only scoring a tad higher in the review column than Pitchfork's infamous 1.6 review takedown of Greta's 2018 Anthem of the Peaceful Army album. As you might expect, Twitter has some thoughts, but the backlash to the site's review is not exactly as swift as it was when Greta Van Fleet's trashing occurred.

Penned by Pitchfork's reviews director Jeremy D. Larson, who also authored Greta's harsh critique, the Maneskin review netted the band a 2.0 score out of 10.

After initially laying out some of the hype they've received since breaking on the international scene following their Eurovision win, Larsen cuts to the point saying of Rush!, their first album recorded mainly in English, "[It] is absolutely terrible at every conceivable level: vocally grating, lyrically unimaginative, and musically one-dimensional. It is a rock album that sounds worse the louder you play it."

The critic viciously poses the questions that played out as he listened to the record, commenting, "With everything going on in the world, don’t you wish rock music was horny again? Don’t you wish more albums featured Tom Morello phoning in one of his octave-pedal guitar solos? What if we were the first band to sing the words “kiss my butt”? Don’t you wish cologne commercials were longer? Don’t you wish Guitar Center could win a Grammy? What if Max Martin worked with Wolfmother? Remember the band Foxy Shazam? Why is no one talking about how fake and phony Hollywood is? Don’t you think lyrics like “Oh, mamma mia, spit your love on me, I’m on my knees, and I can’t wait to drink your rain” are the kind of thing people are just too afraid to sing nowadays?"

He later described the band's vibe as "Cirque du Soleil: Buckcherry" and called out the production, stating that it "sounds so cramped, digitized, and swagless that it seems to be optimized for getting busy in a Buffalo Wild Wings bathroom."

Yes, the Pitchfork review did have its detractors. "I don't care about Maneskin, but Jesus Christ that Pitchfork review is brutal," offered one commenter, while another added, "I dislike Maneskin as much as the next guy but Jesus Christ, Pitchfork really just the biggest haters of all time." Musician A.C. Newman even questioned why Pitchfork spent time at all reviewing the album they hated that much, calling them a fool for doing so.

Others seemed to revel in savagery of the review. "If you're going to completely dunk on something, you probably can't do it better than Pitchfork have on the new Maneskin album," wrote one Twitter commenter, while another added, "maneskin getting a 2.0 on pitchfork and the review just blasting them to shreds makes me so unimaginably happy I cannot describe it." And yet another admitted to being torn between their hatred of Pitchfork but still finding the humor in the review itself.

Yet another called out the site for citing Maneskin as "played out cliche industry rock" a month after naming Beyonce as having the Top Album of 2022.

And for those who buy into the P.T. Barnum adage of there being no such thing as bad publicity, one commenter stated, "This review will only do good to Maneskin," while another laughingly pointed out that the band is likely celebrating getting 0.4 points better than Greta Van Fleet. For the record, the Pitchfork review didn't seem to hurt Greta's success too much, with the band issuing two chart-topping singles, a third single hitting No. 3 and the album hitting No. 3 upon its release stateside. That said, Larson recently stuck by his harsh critique of Greta Van Fleet's debut.

You can check out the full Pitchfork review of Maneskin's Rush! here.

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