Just about everyone and their mothers, or in this case fathers, have gone to see a Taylor Swift show during her massive Eras tour this year. Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder attended the pop star's concert in Seattle over the weekend with his family, and the rocker even dressed like a Swiftie for the event.

The Vedder family was spotted at Swift's July 22 show in Seattle. As seen in various photos and video clips online, the Pearl Jam frontman sported a sequin blazer with a T-shirt underneath that read, "It's me, hi, I'm the father it's me," which is a play-on the lyrics "It's me, hi, I'm the problem it's me" from Swift's song "Anti-Hero."

Vedder also had a couple of friendship bracelets on his wrists, which are colorful, beaded bracelets that usually have letters on them to spell out different words. Wearing and trading the homemade jewelry at Swift concerts became part of Swiftie culture during the Eras tour because of the lyrics in another one of her songs, "You're on Your Own, Kid," that say, "So make the friendship bracelets / Take the moment and taste it / You’ve got no reason to be afraid" [via Cosmopolitan].

Seattle rockers were always known for their sense of fashion, or lack thereof, in the 1990s. They typically sported chunky boots and oversized jackets and flannels, and somehow the trends made their way onto the runways by time '93 and '94 rolled around. Musicians like Vedder weren't trying to be fashionable by any means, but it's clear that the Pearl Jam vocalist wanted to be hip this time around.

The rocker's daughters Olivia and Harper got a photograph with Swift, which was posted online by his wife and their mother, Jill Vedder. Another person uploaded a TikTok of Vedder wishing someone a happy birthday backstage. Check out the photos and clips below.

Someone also uploaded a TikTok of Vedder at the Swift concert and wrote that it was actor Pedro Pascal, who's become one of the most buzz-worthy figures in Hollywood as of late thanks to his role as Joel Miller in HBO's 2023 adaptation of The Last of Us. User Jessica Golich posted the clip, which features a video of Vedder and the caption, "Pedro Pascal is at the Seattle Eras Tour Night #1." A lot of people wrote in the comments that it was actually Vedder, including Olivia Vedder, who responded, "That's fully my dad."

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Golich then uploaded another TikTok stating that Vedder had been seen at Swift's show, but not before Pearl Jam fans took to Twitter to call her out for the mistake.

"How are people confusing eddie vedder with pedro pascal? THATS EMBARRASSING," one person tweeted.

See the TikTok below.

TikTok Eddie Vedder at Taylor Swift Concert
TikTok - @jessicagolich

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