Have you ever heard "P.S.T. '88," the cringey, sexually-charged Pantera song off their 1988 album Power Metal? It's the only one where Dimebag Darrell (then known as Diamond Darrell) sings lead!

Power Metal marked the debut of Philip Anselmo, who stuck to a more traditional metal approach to singing before the band shape-shifted into a groovy, rhythmic beast. While still part of the era many fans dub to be 'Glamtera,' it's an impressive album that saw the band take a major step forward in songwriting and skillset.

While this record shows maturity in those regards, it's capped off with an awfully immature track. "P.S.T. '88" demonstrates Pantera weren't entirely ready to shed all of the aesthetics they borrowed from the commercial hair metal scene.

Even for the late '80s, this is astonishingly sleazy and comes off as a crude party-time joke track. The lyrics are below - we don't need to describe it to you because that would just make everyone uncomfortable.

This song was also quite the rarity onstage, only having been performed nine times (per setlist.fm). It was last played in 1990 and you can watch one of those performances further down the page.

It's also quite hilarious that this was the last song on Power Metal and, if you look at the chronology of releases on paper, the next new song fans heard was the Cowboys From Hell title track. That's quite a stretch — how'd we get from there to here?!

Check out all the totally NSFW lyrics and song below.

Oh, and as for Dimebag's vocals? He sounds like a cross between Metallica's James Hetfield and Megadeth's Dave Mustaine. And, no, we're not just trying to start some drama by making that comparison — it's just how it is in this case.

Pantera, "P.S.T. '88" Lyrics

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Pussy tight, tonight
Pussy tight

[Verse 1]
Just keep it coming, just keep me pleased
If you know what's good for you
You'll be looking for me
I know you know I can please

Oh, yes last night was crazy
(Got in a fight, Saturday night)
But tonight
(Now you're gonna make it right)
(Slip and dance with me all night)

Pussy tight, tonight
Pussy tight

[Verse 2]
Coors Light on ice
She's getting quiet, she's feeling my rise
Don't stop, roll dice
She's got my rod in the thighs

Oh yes, tonight feels crazy
Hoping for tight, you know it might
Call it a date, I can't fuckin' wait
As she pumps, it feels right
I can hang all night

Pussy tight, tonight
Pussy tight, alright!

(I can hang all night)

Pussy tight, tonight
Pussy tight

[Verse 3]
Loose will occur
When the puss starts to purr
You know what you are
You fuck us so hard

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Pantera, "P.S.T. '88"

Pantera, "P.S.T. '88" — Live in 1990

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