There's some good and bad news if you're a Nightwish fan, as the band has revealed a timeline for the release of their next studio album but also revealed that they won't be touring in support of the record.

The news was revealed in a collective group statement, with the band announcing that they will be "hanging up our spurs for an indeterminate time." That includes the declaration that they will not be touring in support of the next album, which is expected to arrive next year.

As for that new album, the band revealed that it will have 12 songs and they'll issue three music videos in support of the record.

The group's full statement can be read below:

As the ‘Human :ll: Nature - World Tour’ is drawing to a close, we feel now is the time to tell you of our plans for the next phase in our journey.
After the planned shows for June 2023 we will be “hanging up our spurs” for an indeterminate time, as far as live concert performances go, and won’t be touring the next album.

The reasons for this decision are personal, but, we all agree, vital to the wellbeing and future of the band. Be assured that we still love working together, and this decision has nothing to do with Floor`s pregnancy or our other individual projects.

However, an album of 12 new songs will see bright daylight in 2024, as will 3 music videos! The band is positively hyped beyond words over this new upcoming musical adventure.
Stay tuned for updates from our legendary Nightwish band camp & studio this summer!

-Tuomas, Floor (@floor_jansen_official), Emppu, Troy, Kai & Jukkis (@jukkiskoskinen)

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Nightwish released their double album Human. :II: Nature in 2020, but support for the record was impacted by pandemic touring restrictions.

It's been an eventful period for the group over the course of the album cycle. While working on the record in 2019, founding drummer Jukka Nevalainen exited the band. He would be replaced by Kai Hahto. Longtime bassist Marco Hietala then exited the band after 20 years in 2021. He was later replaced by Jukka Koskinen.

Singer Floor Jansen also had her gallbladder removed in 2021 and was treated for breast cancer last year. Back in December of 2022, Jansen revealed plans to release her first solo album, Paragon.

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