Here are the most outrageous breakdown callouts ever!

In the 21st century, perhaps nothing in heavy music has been more popular than the breakdown — those ferocious, slow chugging parts of songs that inspire spin kicks, unintentional elbows to innocent throats and the general reckless flailing of all limbs in the pit whenever they come up.

Of course, the most memorable one over the last few years is the "Arf! Arf!" screech in Knocked Loose's "Counting Worms," which also happens to be the very inspiration for this Loud List which you can view near the bottom of the page.

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In a lot of cases, a breakdown is preceded by the drummer smashing the bell on the ride cymbal to formally kick off heightened violence in the pit, but saying something ridiculous beforehand has really caught on, especially over the last decade and in hardcore, metalcore and deathcore, in particular.

Who could forget "Viva la Elton John" in Electric Callboy's 2022 track "Spaceman?" It might be the most WTF callout in this entire list! But that's for you to decide and there's a lot of great ones to choose from!

Watch them all in the video below.

Most Outrageous Breakdown Callouts Ever

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