Here is the most and least played song live off every AC/DC album.

The band's massive catalog — 17 studio albums — is divided across two distinct eras with singers Bon Scott and Brian Johnson. And with so many classic records, it's easy for any fan to see how essential it is to always include a generous amount of setlist staples.

When it comes to later career efforts in particular, that part of the catalog has had limited representation, even in the case of the most played song from one of those albums. And if you caught some of the least played tracks, you were treated to an absolute rarity in AC/DC history.

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There's almost 200 songs under the AC/DC name, so creating these setlists has to be pretty daunting. Of course, musicians know which hits they are obligated to play at just about every show and there's always a quiet yearning to play some deeper cuts. However, no band wants to play to a crowd that heads to the bathroom during lesser known songs and, with everyone paying good money, you have to meet expectations.

Below, you can see the most and least played song from all of AC/DC's albums. If you've seen the band live before, scroll along and keep track of how many tracks you've seen them play!

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The Most Played Song Off Every AC/DC Album

The most popular live song off every album by the rock legends.

Gallery Credit: Joe DiVita

The Least Played Song Off Every AC/DC Album

There's quite a few songs AC/DC have only played live one time.

Gallery Credit: Joe DiVita