How would you like to win a prize pack from Metallica's Blackened Whiskey? Well, here's your chance. In celebration of the new 2024 release of Rye the Lightning Whiskey, Loudwire Nights is offering you the chance to win a merch package from Metallica's Blackened Whiskey (hat, hoodies, shirts, but no whiskey ... prize package is subject to change).

It should be noted that the new Rye The Lightning whiskey is crafted from a blend of straight rye whiskeys hand-selected by Rob Dietrich. The whiskeys are vatted and transferred for finishing to Madeira wine and Caribbean rum casks for 2-14 weeks each, where they undergo BLACKENED’s proprietary BLACK NOISE™ sonic-enhancement process. Rye The Lightning is non-chill filtered and bottled at 92 proof.

Master Distiller and Blender Rob Dietrich has previously guested on Loudwire Nights, speaking about his pursuits with the band that also included the launching of Metallica's M81 cigar last year.

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Dietrich has also spoken with Ultimate Metallica about his preferred method of drinking Metallica's Blackened Whiskey.

So here's your chance to win a Metallica Blackened Whiskey merch prize pack. All you need to do is simply fill out your contact details in the entry box provided below. This contest will run through Wednesday, May 15, so be sure to enter before then and we'll contact you if your name is chosen.

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