Tattoos are forever. Well, there are ways to have them removed, but it's expensive and painful, so it's important to really think about what you're putting on your skin. A bunch of metalcore fans on Reddit have named the bands they think are the least tattooable, so you may want to think twice if you considered any of them.

A user on the metalcore Reddit page posted a thread titled, "What's the least tattooable band you can think of?" The body of the thread read, "Sometimes people get tattoos of bands that mean a lot to them, usually an icon/symbol, meaningful lyrics, or even of band members themselves. But is there a band that you love that doesn’t have anything you can think of that’s tattoo worthy?"

Their parameters for a band that isn't "tattoo worthy" are that they have no icon or symbol aside from the name itself, they don't have a short set of lyrics that work for a tattoo and there aren't any members of the band that someone would want illustrated on them. The user further added that the post was inspired by their own unwillingness to get a tattoo in commemoration of their favorite band because they couldn't come up with an idea for it.

"I mean there’s definitely a demographic for it but I don’t know if someone could have a 'tasteful' Attila tat," the top comment on the post reads.

"Getting the band ISIS tattoo'd on you could be questionable even if the band itself is good," another user wrote, with someone replying that their Army team leader had an ISIS tattoo.

Lostprophets, Anal Cunt, Infant Annihilator, The Browning and Brojob were a few of the bands that were mentioned in the comments for self-explanatory reasons, though one user admitted that they were unaware of Lostprophets' history.

"I refuse to get band logos tattooed, simply because as soon as I do, them bitches will come out to have sexually assault, rape, child molest or kill someone knowing my luck," another individual explained.

On the other hand, someone pointed out that getting a tattoo of a band that seems like it would be less tattooable, would actually come out great.

"I feel like the 'least tattooable' bands are sometimes the best ones. It means you’re not stuck with the same symbol or band logo as thousands of other people, and if your artist can’t conjure up some imagery from a chorus or a verse, it’s a good sign to find a better artist," they argued.

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At the end of the day, tattoos are your decision and you shouldn't let what other people think bother you if it's what you really want. But if you need some guidance, the internet is always there for you to seek opinions from.

What’s the least tattoo’able band you can think of?
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