Taco Bell continues to mine the music rock's hottest young bands to promote their menu items. While Turnstile's "Holiday" is remains in heavy commercial rotation hocking Taco Bell's Nacho Fries, Meet Me @ The Altar are the latest act to get a Taco Bell commercial push.

Fans might have caught the new commercial, which was airing over the Christmas holiday weekend as the band's "Say It (To My Face)" soundtracks a new Taco Bell add promoting the fast food giant's $2 grilled chicken burrito deal.

The band's social media account noted in a Christmas Day posting that this was the group's first TV commercial placement, adding, "Thank you so much @tacobell !! LIVE MAS & ROCK ON."

The ad features two friends flying their drones out in the desert when they use the Taco Bell app to order up some grub. The ad notes that the chicken burritos are available with Salsa Verde and Chipotle Ranch sauce.

While their Twitter account was the first to make note of the ad's TV debut, it appears that the band's music being included in a TV ad still comes as a bit of a shock to the trio. They later tweeted, "lmao we're on a taco bell commercial. like wtf??? howd that happen."

Meet Me @ the Altar features vocalist Edith Victoria, guitarist/bassist Tea Campbell and drummer Ada Juarez. "Say It (To My Face)" was initially released in September. You can see the Taco Bell ad, as well as the band's video for the song below.

Taco Bell $2 Grilled Chicken Burrito Ad (featuring Meet Me @ the Altar)

Meet Me @ The Altar, "Say It (To My Face)"

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