Mark Tremonti's crooning days aren't over! In fact, he's teamed up with Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash to record covers of "Speak Softly Love" for a new pinball game saluting the 50th anniversary of the '70s film classic film The Godfather.

Tremonti, an avid pinball machine enthusiast, worked with Jersey Jack Pinball on the music for the game. This is also part of the Alter Bridge and Creed guitarist's Take a Chance for Charity initiative, and the extremely limited edition vinyl 45 of "Speak Softly Love" with signed artwork by Slash and Tremonti immediately sold out. However, you can enter for a chance to win this awesome pinball machine.

"Speak Softly Love" was the instrumental love theme from the initial Godfather film, composed by Nino Rota with English lyrics later added by Larry Kusik. The song was eventually covered with lyrics with the most successful version coming from Andy Williams. For the new version, Tremonti reunited with members of the Frank Sinatra Orchestra with whom he recorded on last year's Tremonti Sings Sinatra album. You can hear a teaser of the song right here.

"Eric called me one day and asked me how much would you like to be part of one of my upcoming machines since you're such a big fan of pinball," said Tremonti in a behind the scenes featurette below. "I called him and asked if he could sing 'Speak Softly Love' in the style of Sinatra and he nailed it," added Eric Muenier, the lead pinball machine designer for Jersey Jack Pinball.

the godfather 50 pinball machine
Jersey Jack Pinball / Facebook: Mark Tremonti

For the project, Tremonti pulled in members of the Frank Sinatra Orchestra and also put Muenier and the company's namesake Jersey Jack himself to work on vocals, inviting the pinball gaming icons to take part in the experience.

"We put together a 20-piece mini-orchestra with timpani, drums and strings and cello and we did 'Speak Softly Love.' It's probably the biggest production for an original song for pinball in the history of pinball if I'm not mistaken," says Tremonti. He says he then reached out to Slash who had previously covered the song on guitar and the vinyl feature Tremonti's take on one side and Slash's cover on the other.

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Proceeds from sales will go to the National Down Syndrome Society. Learn a little more about the project in the featurette and check out the game itself in the videos below.

Behind the Scenes of Mark Tremonti Recording "Speak Softly Love" With Frank Sinatra Band

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