The former members of Creed have been talking about the possibility of the band reuniting for a few years now, but in a new interview, Mark Tremonti stated that he's sure that it's going to happen at some point.

After the dissolution of Creed in 2004, Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips decided to continue working together and formed Alter Bridge with vocalist Myles Kennedy. Creed reunited again several times during the 2000s and early 2010s with Scott Stapp, but have remained inactive since 2013. Alter Bridge's seventh and most recent record Pawns & Kings just came out this past October, so they're going to be focused on that album cycle for a bit, but Tremonti is still confident that a Creed reunion is impending.

"There's always talks, people running ideas back and forth, but we don't know as of yet, because we're so in the deep with this Alter Bridge record that's it's tough to kind of get sidetracked right now," the guitarist told Audio Ink Radio.

Stapp has spent much of his time away from Creed focused on his personal life, as well as a solo career, and Tremonti has kept quite busy with other projects too. In addition to Alter Bridge, he's released five albums with his own band Tremonti, and also put out a Frank Sinatra covers album last year.

"I'm sure something will happen at some point," the rocker assured. "I mean, Creed was such a popular band back in the day, it would be a shame to not do something with it. I know there's still tons of fans out there that would appreciate it, so it's just a matter of timing."

Check out the full interview below.

Alter Bridge, in the meantime, will be touring in support of Pawns & Kings. Their next scheduled performance is set for Jan. 25 in Tampa, Fla., and they'll wrap up in early April before making some festival appearances. See the full itinerary and get tickets here.

Mark Tremonti Gets Real About Potential Creed Reunion, Is ‘Sure’ It Will Happen

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