Who does Jon Bon Jovi want as the new singer of Skid Row?

It's safe to say Lzzy Hale's fill-in duty with Skid Row was a huge success, and the Halestorm singer just got further confirmation of that with an unprompted compliment from Jon Bon Jovi.

What Jon Bon Jovi Said About Lzzy Hale's Skid Row Fill-In Stint

Jon Bon Jovi was sitting in for a special video feature from Rock Sound in which the outlet had a variety of fellow musicians asking questions of the Bon Jovi singer. When the host of the segment brought up Lzzy Hale from Halestorm as the next participant, Bon Jovi immediately half-sung a response to her name coming up with a plea for her to join Skid Row permanently.

"She should please join Skid Row. Please, Lzzy Hale join Skid Row," Bon Jovi sung upon mention of her name. He then continued, "Put the two bands together, if you need to. But this is the best thing that happened to Snake [Sabo] since he met me [laughs]."

Bon Jovi is of course referring to his longtime friendship with Sabo as they were teenage friends and Jon, whose band found success first, helped secure Skid Row's first record deal with Atlantic Records.

So, Hale's recent stint fronting the band after Eric Gronwall's exit was greeted warmly by Bon Jovi.

Jon Bon Jovi Answers Questions from Rock Stars on Rock Sound

How Did Lzzy Hale Respond?

Clipping out the part of the interview where Bon Jovi pleaded with her to continue with the band, Hale shared on Instagram, "What a compliment, what an honor, and what a tremendous piece of advice! Thank you for your kind words and candor @jonbonjovi watch the full interview at @rocksound."

Would Lzzy Hale Do More With Skid Row?

Hale addressed her association with Skid Row in a recent interview with Terrie Carr of the Morristown, New Jersey radio station 105.5 WDHA, opening to the idea of continuing with the band beyond the final fill-in dates for the current tour.

When asked point blank about the possibility of more shows beyond her current fill-in dates, Hale told Carr, "You never know. I will say something that most likely will happen is that these will not be the only four dates you ever hear. I will say that."

She went on to add, "As far as me being the permanent member of Skid Row, we're gonna all have to find a plateau [laughs] in our schedules to do that. But you never know. Sounds like a pretty good gig for me, if I ever get to that point."

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Before taking the fill-in gig, Hale expressed her love and fandom of the band's music growing up.

"It just goes so much deeper for me than just helping out some friends," she stated, then discussing how much of an impact musically they had on her formative years digesting music.

"I can honestly tell you right now that I would not be the rocker that I am today without Skid Row and those albums, because not only did they have those beautiful melodies and the vocal prowess and the riffs and the loud noise that I loved, but then the subject matter they were talking about was always very real and it hit me at the right time in the right place," added Hale.

Back to Halestorm

Halestorm still remains Lzzy Hale's priority, with the band already booked for a major summer tour with I Prevail. Dates kick off July 9 in Raleigh, N.C. and continue through their Oct. 12 appearance at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, Calif. All Halestorm tour dates are currently on sale.

In advance of their shows with I Prevail, Halestorm just released their collaborative track, "can you see me in the dark?." Take a listen to the track below.

Halestorm X I Prevail, "can you see me in the dark?"

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