Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe has cut off his iconic dreadlocks and, at the band's show yesterday (July 12), he debuted a freshly shaved head, which surely came to the surprise of fans in attendance.

Blythe hasn't directly posted anything about his new look yet, but Lamb of God sure did on their Instagram page.

Over the years, the vocalist has sported a few different hairstyles, occasionally covering it up beneath a hat too. He's had shorter hair tussled on top and on the sides, your everyday long hair, a sideswept better-not-call-it-emo look and, during the Sacrament era, he was plain bald.

Now, it's all been buzzed real tight, so he's not a total cueball, but it's pretty gosh darn close.

So far, the summer has been a hot and humid one (we're pretty much living out the first two seconds of the smash Carlos Santana ft. Rob Thomas hit "Smooth"), so Blythe probably feels a notable difference. Just make sure you slather some sunscreen on that dome, Randy!

For fans, it's going to take a moment to get used to seeing the frontman execute his high jumps onstage without that mop of hair flying about with him, but we've all endured unexpected rocker haircuts before. We all survived Metallica's '90s haircuts, so this should be no biggie.

Check out Blythe's new look below and view Lamb of God's setlist from the night further down the page.

Lamb of God Setlist — July 12, 2023 (vis

01. "Memento Mori"
02. "Ruin"
03. "Walk With Me in Hell"
04. "Resurrection Man"
05. "Ditch"
06. "Now You've Got Something to Die For"
07. "Contractor"
08. "Omerta"
09. "Set to Fail"
10. "Omens"
11. "11th Hour"
12. "Desolation"
13. "512"

14. "Laid to Rest"
15. "Redneck"

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