Kerry King admitted that he doesn't like Slayer's 1998 album Diabolus in Musica, or much of their '90s material at all, for that matter.

There was a shift in what types of heavy music were popular when the '90s came around, especially as nu-metal started taking off later in the decade. During a conversation with Metal Blast, King explained why he's not a fan of Slayer's '90s albums, but especially Diabolus in Musica.

"I don't like the stuff we did in the '90s," King asserted, noting that that's the one era of his career he regrets not paying more attention to.

"I was very disenchanted by music because bands that were getting popular I didn't understand. And I still don't understand," he continued. "I never liked Limp Bizkit. I never liked bands of that era. It just bummed me out and turned me off. And it's really visible to me on Diabolus In Musica. I didn't pay any attention to that album."

Although the guitarist wrote a couple of songs for the 1998 release, he recalled not contributing as much to it as he had on other records. Thus, he was able to refocus by the time they started working on 2001's God Hates Us All. 

"I think Jeff [Hanneman] tried to embrace being a little different [in the '90s] and I just hated it. And it shows in my contribution," King remembered of working on Diabolus in Musica. 

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"Some people really like that album, but it's definitely not my favorite... The late '90s just — it's not a good point in my history, in my mind."

Check out the interview below.

Funny enough, Tom Araya told us he isn't a big fan of another one of Slayer's '90s albums — 1994's Divine Intervention — which he doesn't think is their best "production-wise" and thus is not his favorite.

Kerry King Admits He Doesn't Like Slayer's 'Diabolus in Musica'

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