From Hell I Rise, the debut solo album by Slayer guitarist Kerry King, is out now and fans have been sharing their reactions after listening to it.

The record's release was preceded by two singles — "Idle Hands" and "Residue" — which gave fans their first taste of not just King on his own, but the rest of his bandmates.

Flanking the Slayer legend are vocalist Mark Osegueda (Death Angel), Phil Demmel (ex-Machine Head, ex-Vio-Lence), drummer Paul Bostaph (Slayer) and bassist Kyle Sanders (Hellyeah).

We agree with this post below about how nasty Osegueda sounds!

While King made it clear that his work would very much sound like Slayer, there's at least one song on here that he admits would have never appeared on a Slayer album.

"For instance, the song 'Two Fists,' the punk song. It's my punk tribute song. I probably wouldn't have done that on a Slayer album," King told Loudwire Nights radio host Chuck Armstrong in a recent interview. "I probably never would have done the line, 'I think I need another drink.' That's not a Slayer lyric, but it works on this and it sounds great."

Kerry King, "Two Fists"

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Below, we've collected a sampling of the reactions to the album which represents the general sentiments seen across the board online.

As with any music, there will be differences of opinion but it seems that, for the most part, fans are into From Hell I Rise! It is unmistakably the work of Kerry King with a knockout performance from all of his bandmates.

We even found the world's most emo Slayer fan!

Fans React to Kerry King's New Album, From Hell I Rise

The Haters

Fans Who Love It

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