Can you guess these 14 death metal album covers from one small piece of the artwork?

You might be a total Neanderthal when it comes to the type of music you listen to, but we know you've got big brain energy to work with and take the challenge to prove you are more elite and brutal than the rest.

The challenge is broken down into three levels of difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate and Expert.

Each slide shows a cropped portion of the album cover in question and offers two hints to help jog your metal memory. The answer will be revealed on the next slide with some historical anecdotes and a note about some of the standout songs on the record.

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There's a mix of classic veterans who were among death metal's prime movers, as well as some of the most exciting artists to emerge in the 2000s and over the last few years.

Take the challenge below. And keep scrolling to test your thrash knowledge too with the same format, only for thrash album covers!

Can You Guess the Death Metal Album Cover From One Small Piece?

Test your death metal knowledge with three difficulty levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Expert.

First, we show you a portion of a death metal album cover and offer up two clues.

SCROLL SLOW or you'll reveal the answer before you have time to guess!

Gallery Credit: Joe DiVita

Can You Guess These Thrash Metal Album Covers From Just A Small Piece?

Try to guess these thrash album covers based on one small crop-section.

Two hints are offered for every album before the big reveal!


Gallery Credit: Joe DiVita