A lot of musicians have dated each other, but who do you think would make an unlikely couple? Apparently, Godsmack frontman Sully Erna once dated Lady Gaga, which was confirmed by drummer Shannon Larkin.

Larkin was featured as a guest during a new episode of the 2020'd Podcast, and one of the hosts brought up a time that the drummer once told him that Gaga got Erna into smoking once they "started dating."

"Yeah, that's true, and that's not — I don't think — a secret. I don't think Sully would bum out if people knew he dated Lady Gaga. I mean, she's hot, and she's mega talented."

When asked why Erna wouldn't want to disclose that he'd had a relationship with the pop sensation, Larkin noted that his bandmate is "not like Tommy Lee," in that he doesn't typically broadcast his personal life.

"What I mean by that is — Travis Barker, Tommy Lee, whatever — it's dudes that have public girlfriends that are super famous too. But they're different than Sully. Sully's an east coast guy... L.A. dudes and west coast dudes, they're flashier, maybe," Larkin continued.

"Their rockstar-ism is more David Lee Roth than, I don't know, Eddie Vedder... We're probably even flashier than Eddie, who'll show up in an army jacket on your ass. You don't even recognize him. We're in between them [Pearl Jam] and the dudes with the flashy girls on their arms."

Larkin added that the relationship between Erna and Gaga was a "brief thing," that not many people knew about outside of their band and his smaller circle.

Until now. Watch the clip below.

A collaboration between Gaga and Godsmack would've been incredible. Have you ever heard her sing Led Zeppelin?

Godsmack’s Sully Erna Once Dated Lady Gaga, Shannon Larkin Reveals

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