Ghost are closing out their Re-Imperator tour with Amon Amarth tonight (Sept. 12), performing at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles for the second night. As was the case at yesterday's show, the band has banned the use of cell phones during tonight's performance, warning fans than anyone caught using the device will be kicked out.

The news was relayed by the venue, who outlined the particular rules in effect for the tour-closing pair of concerts in a statement shared on social media.

The statement reads,

This event will be a phone-free experience. Use of phones, smart watches, and accessories will not be permitted in the performance space. Upon the arrival at the venue, all phones, smart watches, and accessories will be secured in individual Yondr pouches that will be opened at the end of the event. Anyone seen using a device during the performance will be escorted out of the venue by security. We appreciate your cooperation in creating a phone-free viewing experience.

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The Kia Forum also informs attendees that face paint will be permitted at these shows, but masks are forbidden.

Earlier on the Re-Imperator tour, Ghost fans who turned up at the St. Louis, Mo. show were forced to comply with the venue's rules and remove their face paint. The venue also acknowledged "miscommunication" on their behalf resulted in confusion for fans and apologized for the inconvenience.

Many may be wondering why the use of cell phone and other related devices are not allowed at these two shows, but no explanation has been offered. Ghost are a band that has a plan for everything, so it's likely we'll know the answer to this question at some point in the future.

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