Following their seven-year live hiatus, AC/DC have finally returned to the stage! As Loudwire posted about earlier today (Oct. 8), the iconic Australian rockers headlined the second day of this year’s Power Trip festival last night (Oct. 7), and naturally, fans and music writers couldn’t wait to share their thoughts on the performance.

Specifically, Classic Rock magazine concluded: “[I]f this is the band’s last hurrah, they’ve gone out with an incredible, weekend-stealing set for the ages.” Likewise, UCR declared that they made “a triumphant return” with “one-of-a-kind style and energy."

As for fans’ responses, they’ve been mostly positive thus far.

For instance, one person on X (formerly Twitter) wrote: “Great selection of songs and opening with ‘If You Want Blood’ a ripper idea. Only song I want added is ‘Jailbreak.’” Another attendee proclaimed that AC/DC – as well as Judas Priest – “rocked the stage,” while another made a bolder claim: “If AC/DC does eventually tour with the set they're ripping tonight at Power Trip, I will be levitating at one of those shows.”

That said, there has also been some criticism, such as one Facebook user arguing: “Brian really needs to bow out as gracefully as possible. He's going to lose his voice for good. Big props to Brian. He's really struggling, with some of the songs, at Power Trip. He's 76. God bless 'em.”

You can see those reactions – in addition to many others – below.

Given that AC/DC’s last show was on Sept. 20, 2016 (in Philadelphia, Pa.) – as well as the fact that they played classics such as “Back in Black,” “Hells Bells,” “Thunderstruck,” “T.N.T.” and “Highway to Hell” – it’s no surprise that most concertgoers were happy to see the boys back on stage.

Plus, they included a couple of live debuts (“Demon Fire” and “Shot in the Dark”), as well as a few tracks that hadn’t been played with frontman Brian Johnson in nearly 15 years (if not longer): “If You Want Blood (You've Got It),” “Stiff Upper Lip,” “Dog Eat Dog” and “Riff Raff.”

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As for whether or not AC/DC will embark on the rumored 2024 tour, well, we’ll just have to wait and see. At the very least, we can hope that they’ll take Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo up on his offer to have them play at the 2024 NFL championship event at Allegiant Stadium (in Las Vegas, Nev.).

So, did you see AC/DC at this year’s Power Trip festival? If so, what’d you think of their set? Let us know!

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