Ghost fans are flooding social media — specifically, X (formerly Twitter) — with the hashtag #ThankYouTheBandGhost. But why?

How Did #ThankYouTheBandGhost Start?

The hashtag #ThankYouTheBandGhost has been circulating on X for over a week and it appears it all began on Oct. 5.

Since Ghost's handle is @thebandGhost, fans have aligned the hashtag to directly mirror this.

One fan shared a message in hopes of launching a hashtag campaign on Oct. 7 to promote "positivity, good words and LOVE to our fave band," imploring others to "spread the word!!"

And it worked!

What Types of Messages Have Been Shared?

Directly below are some of the early posts bearing the hashtag as fans express their appreciation for the masked group and, increasingly so, praised Ghost for creating a welcome environment/safe space for individuals of varying backgrounds.

Here, a fan is simply delighted to have seen Ghost on their most recent tour, calling it a "dream come true," while adding the trending hashtag.

It quickly got more wholesome and touching as others shared just how thankful they are to be part of the Ghost community, a pleasant reprieve from the ills of the day-to-day world.

Fans often turn to music as a form of escapism and find comfort and shelter within the fan communities, a band's lyrics and unite under a common message or worldview. For those who love Ghost, it's been an opportunity to revel in being their authentic selves, free from judgement and criticism.

Here are some more posts from Oct. 7 as the hashtag really began to take off.

What Else Have Ghost Fans Said Using the Hashtag?

The messages in the following days and week-plus have mostly been along the same wavelength and the everlasting parade of thank yous underscores the impact Ghost have on their fans.

It is human nature to have a desire to be part of a like-minded community and those who feel "weird" or are going through difficult times in their life have a sense of belonging and self-worth.

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What Have Ghost Said About the Hashtag?

A few days after the hashgtag began infiltrating X, Ghost shared their appreciation for all the positivity, posting a message from the clergy which reads, "We wish to inform you that Ghost says thank you back!," followed by a handful of thank yous in various languages.

Thanks for being a bunch of good eggs, Ghost!

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