In this Loud List video compilation, we dive into famous musicians who have been filmed busking in the street.

Busking — the practice of performing in the street or other public spaces, typically with the aim of collecting donations from passersby — is one of the oldest forms of public entertainment that dates back to the medieval time period, also known as the Middle Ages or the Dark Ages (roughly the 400s A.D. through the 1400s A.D.).

It remains a very popular form of artistic expression, especially in densely populated cities where aspiring musicians hope to perhaps catch the ear of an important figure, but more commonly collect small bills from those willing to offer some slice of financial compensation for a few minutes of live entertainment.

Just imagine being in New York City and you descend the stairs to the subway platform and there, right in front of you, are Linkin Park's Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda playing "In the End."

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Catching a famous musician engaging in the practice serves up once-in-a-lifetime memories for those fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time.

In this Loud List you'll see Slipknot fans singing with Joey Jordison as he plays a classic track on his acoustic guitar and, yes, even Foo Fighters and Nirvana legend Dave Grohl has hit the street (with Brandi Carlile, no less). Elsewhere, Steel Panther mucked up the streets with one of their not-so-family-friendly songs performed for the unsuspecting public!

Watch it all below and see what other famous musicians have been caught busking.

Watch: Famous Musicians Busking in the Street

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