Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke continues to be one of the more outspoken musicians on social media, but some of his recent commentary concerning gender identity has led to a ban on the TikTok social media site, while the singer also claims to have received a "shadow ban" from Twitter (or X as it is now called).

On July 25 Radke Tweeted, "Imagine getting your tik tok deleted, or losing your job or alienated for saying that a trans woman can’t have a period, you all have mothers and sisters and wives and girlfriends and know damn well the struggles of being a born women and the pain of endometriosis etc and have the audacity to try and silence or censor the reality. BULLSHIT."

He later returned sharing a tweet that featured a photo of trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney holding a box of Tampax, adding, "The same people that call me a womanizer, abuser, and bigot are the same people that support the ideology that trans can have periods and support tampon companies making trans the spokesperson. It’s extremely offensive to all women, to mock their biology. stop pretending this is okay."

Later that night, Radke added, "I have officially changed my lyrics In I’m not a vampire from 'I feel like a lady that is pregnant with a baby' to 'I feel like a birthing person that is pregnant with a person who’s been birthed.' Please like me."

The following day (July 26), Radke returned to Twitter to share some of the pushback on his commentary, noting, "These are the people pushing back about common sense, all impressionable kids hiding behind cartoon avatars, if you don’t think this is insanely telling about the future I don’t know what will, we have brainwashed kids into thinking that basic biology and common sense need to be argued, the confusion of American kids is the agenda to the powers that be, divide and conquer. a man isn’t a man and a women isn’t a woman anymore, nobody can tell you what a women is, they’re all terrified to get publicly shamed for it. i never went to school in 4th grade and worried about my sexuality. I was excited to go home and play with toys and ride my bike, will this ever fix itself? or are we all doomed, like 476 A.D rome?"

Radke, who had adopted Michael Jackson as a screen name, then continued the discussion with some of his Twitter followers. When one person suggested that a woman was "anyone who identifies as such," the singer shot back, "Cool I identify as a black man, do I get my reparations now?"

When the original commenter responded that it was "a completely different thing," Radke returned, "It’s not a completely different thing, you need the respect the fact that I identify as a black man if you want me to respect you identify as a woman, you aren’t allowed to pick and choose." Additional discussion down this path continued with others as well.

By July 29, Radke's ban on TikTok was official, with the singer sharing, "Banned from tik tok for saying most women don’t wanna be called 'cis' good thing this does not matter to me." Another fan then noted that Radke's tweets had not been showing up in his feed, and asking if the Falling in Reverse singer had received a "shadow ban" from the platform. That led Radke to ask fans to search his name on Twitter and let him know the results. After hearing back from many that they couldn't find him on Twitter, the singer noted, "I am shadow banned. freedom of speech is dead, America has fallen."

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Despite controversial takes on social media, Radke and Falling in Reverse have been one of the hotter touring acts this summer, with a little break in the action before returning to the road in September.

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