These musicians sure had a lot of energy. Check out these interviews with James Brown, David Bowie, Ozzy Osbourne and more below.

Soul legend James Brown was able to lay claim to one of the most bizarre interviews in TV history. After being arrested for domestic violence and being released on bond, Brown went on live TV, wiped his nose and started screaming lyrics from his own songs. For example, when the newscaster asked how Brown would respond if a fan asked him about his arrest, Brown replied, “I’m gonna say, ‘I feel good!’”

Iggy Pop had no chill in the late ‘70s, and when he went to Australia for the first time, TV host Molly Meldrum had to contend with an absolutely wild punk legend. Iggy bounced in his chair, made fart noises and hardly answered any questions. The singer later blamed his behavior on jet lag, but added, “I didn’t feel like being reasonable that day. Let’s put it that way.”

Have you seen this early Red Hot Chili Peppers interview? Anthony Kiedis is… uhhh… “caffeinated” out of his gourd. He may have set a record for the most words per minute spoken, plus the most descriptors ever used during a televised interview. Check it out along with more “energetic” rock star interviews below.

The Most 'Energetic' Rock Star Interviews

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