In last week's Loud List, we showed you Freddie Mercury's most iconic interview moments, and this week we're bringing you Dimebag Darrell's wildest interview moments.

Darrell formed Pantera with his brother Vinnie Paul in 1981. Through their eras with original singer Terry Glaze and eventually Philip Anselmo, the brothers always stuck together. Darrell even turned down joining Megadeth in the late '80s because it meant he wouldn't be in a band with Paul anymore.

After Pantera, the duo went on to form Damageplan together. They released one album in 2004 before Darrell was tragically killed onstage during their concert in Columbus, Ohio that year in December.

The Pantera and Damageplan guitarist was beloved by the rock and metal community at large, so we figured we'd celebrate his legacy by looking back on some of his craziest moments in interviews. We went through the archives and compiled them into one video.

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In the clips, the legend showed off his drinking skills, his most iconic tattoos, swore nearly every other word, played pranks on his bandmates and more.

Check it out below. Long live Dimebag Darrell!

Dimebag Darrell's Wildest Interview Moments

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