Polish death metal band Decapitated is set to have its music show up in one of the most unlikeliest of places — a superhero TV show on Disney+.

The group recently announced on social media that their music is scheduled to be featured in the latest season of the Disney+ show, Extraordinary. The second season of the show premiered Wednesday on Hulu in the U.S. and on Disney's streaming service everywhere else.

What Is Extraordinary About?

Extraordinary is a superhero comedy that follows a young costume shop employee who is void of superpowers while those around her are the exact opposite. The first season of the British show premiered in January 2023.

Watch the Season 2 trailer directly below.

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What's the Deal With Decapitated Being on the Show?

Decapitated did not reveal on social media which songs would be featured in the show. They did say, however, the music would be off their 2022 release, Cancer Culture.

The album continued to showcase Decapitated's precise technical metal sound paired with lyrics that address the darker sides of society, religion and commercialism. Both Jinjer and Machine Head made contributions to the release.

Decapitated, 'Cancer Culture'
Nuclear Blast

This will mark the second time music from Cancer Culture is featured during a TV show or movie. Decapitated could be heard in the 2023 Polish movie, Ukryta sieć, a thriller that followed a journalist working on a story about the mysterious death of a celebrity.

Decapitated are currently on tour in Europe through the end of March. Their U.S. tour starts April 16 at The Observatory in Santa Ana, California.

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