On Tuesday's edition of Loudwire Nights (April 9), Dayseeker frontman Rory Rodriguez dove deep into his experience around writing and releasing new music.

"Putting out records is a really scary process," he admitted to host Chuck Armstrong. "We spent, I think, around a year making Dark Sun off and on. And I'm very proud of it, but truthfully, in the initial release, it did feel like there was a decent amount of semi-disappointed fans."

Rodriguez said he probably saw 1,000 positive comments, but the five negative comments are what were burned into his brain.

"It was kind of a trip because the album came out on the first day of the tour that we were starting with Bad Omens," he recalled. "First days of tours are always just very chaotic...and then this album is coming out, it's just making it a really busy, very stressful day and I remember reading feedback about the album and seeing a few comments that people were not super excited with it."

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He confessed that he started second-guessing himself, wondering if the sound of the band changed too much on the new album or maybe it didn't change enough.

"Should we have stayed close to what we did in the past," he wondered. "All these questions just start running through your mind, but I really had to take a step back and realize that we were on this tour with Bad Omens and it was sold out, every day of the tour. The crowds were so good for us, really receptive to the new music."

As Rodriguez shared that memory, he also shared some good advice his friend Cody Quistad, who happens to be in Wage War, gave to him.

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"They've had similar experiences with music releases and he was telling me, you know, you have these five people on the Internet who have really bad things to say, but then he said, you also have these fans who are just buying it but they'll never comment on anything you post," Rodriguez said.

"They love your band and they buy tickets every time you come through. So you don't need to get so wrapped up in the opinions of these small groups of people. Somebody who feels comfortable enough to go out of their way to shit on a band publicly probably says more about them than it does about us."

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