Though he's had a long-running history in death metal, former Morbid Angel singer David Vincent admitted in a recent interview that he's not necessarily a fan of other vocalists in the genre, singling out one specific problem.

Vincent, who is currently readying a new Vltimas album, spoke with Sonic Perspectives host Jonathan Smith and revealed that one issue he has with death metal vocalists, especially the more modern ones, is that you're not often able to decipher what some musicians are singing.

What David Vincent Doesn't Like About Some Death Metal Vocals

"Everybody's gotta do what's right for them. That's not right for me," said the singer, specifically talking about the unintelligible vocal style of some of his peers.

"I don't have a lot of commentary about what other people do. I'm either a fan of it or I'm not, but that doesn't matter," he adds. "Thankfully, there's enough choices out there where folks can figure out if they wanna listen to this or that or what have you."

He went on to state that from a vocal standpoint, he wouldn't say that he was inspired or drew any influence at all from death metal singers, adding, "I do what I do and the singers that I listen to are far and wide, but not really extreme metal."

Synthesizing what his primary issue is, the vocalist concludes, "If you have something to say, but you can't understand it, then why say it? If it's so unimportant that what someone is trying to say that it's indistinguishable, then I don't know how to respond to that."

David Vincent Guests on Sonic Perspectives

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What David Vincent Is Doing Next Musically

Vincent is ramping up to the second album from Vltimas. The new album is titled Epic, and the group issued the new song "Scorcher" (as heard below) last month. Look for the album to arrive March 15, with European tour dates scheduled that month as well.

Vltimas, "Scorcher"

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