In a brand new interview with Rick Beato, legendary drummer Danny Carey picked what he thinks are the two best sounding Tool songs.

We often write about the songs that artists think are the best for introducing someone to their band, or when a musician names which of their tracks are the hardest to play live. But, it's rare that they actually choose a favorite.

Tool have released five full-length albums since 1993, and if you count their 1992 EP Opiate, they have a lot of songs. Though their latest album Fear Inoculum came out in 2019 and includes an instrumental drum solo track called "Chocolate Chip Trip," two of their older songs have a special place in Carey's heart — and apparently, his ears.

Danny Carey Thinks Tool's Best Sounding Songs Are From Ænima

During the interview, Beato asked Carey which Tool song he thinks sounds the best, but the drummer couldn't choose only one. Instead, he cited the first two songs on their 1996 album Ænima — "Stinkfist" and "Eulogy" — as his picks.

"We just remastered the Ænima album... 'Stinkfist' and 'Eulogy' both sound incredible on that, man," he said. "The way things are synced together and all that, those are two of my favorites that have stuck out, that's for sure."

Carey admitted it's possible that recently hearing the remastered version of the tracks could have had an influence on that selection, but stood by his decision nonetheless.

"It was like, 'Oh my god, I forgot how good that sounded.' I hadn't heard it in an analog form in ages."

So perhaps Tool fans will get to pick up Ænima on vinyl soon.

Tool, 'Stinkfist'

How Tool Choose Their Setlist for Concerts

Earlier in the discussion, Beato asked Carey how the band goes about choosing which songs they're going to play during a particular tour, in which the drummer responded that vocalist Maynard James Keenan typically has the final say.

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"I mean we obviously... we're playing a lot of the Fear Inoculum stuff now. Whatever the current record is is gonna take precedence, but when it comes to the older songs, it's kind of what Maynard's voice can handle," Carey elaborated.

"He's no spring chicken either, man, and it's a lot harder when your instrument is your body."

Check out the full interview below.

Danny Carey Picks the Two ‘Best Sounding’ Tool Songs

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