Creed's reunion became official in the stage return sense on Mark Tremonti's 50th birthday, but the guitarist had another epic reunion Thursday (April 18), one that was nearly 26 years in the making.

This gift came courtesy of band manager Tim Tournier, who officially reunited the Creed guitarist with a 1986 Gibson Les Paul guitar from his youth that had gone missing in a theft from the band's early days back in 1997.

The guitar had been used by Tremonti while the band were working on and promoting their debut album, My Own Prison, but went missing when thieves had taken their trailer full of instruments that was attached to the band's touring van during a tour stop in the Boston area.

The Guitar Reunion Backstory

As Tournier details in his social media post about reuniting the guitarist with his long lost instrument, "Creed had their van stolen in 1997 on their way to Boston. The contents of the trailer were the instruments of their childhood, the gear they mowed lawns for - or - in the case of Tremonti, worked at a car wash for."

But, as the tour manager revealed, the theft from the band's early days had been part of fan discussion, and through "a Reddit DM about 18 months ago," the guitar was discovered.

"A deal was made, hands got shook & I was able to get my buddy his 1986 Gibson w/ a stock kahler back for his big 50th," noted Tourniet, adding, "This is the My Own Prison guitar."

"I love ya man," said the manager. "Let's keep doing the impossible together."

In the responses, Tremonti offered, "Thanks for the most epic gift ever!! Blew me away, never thought id see it again!! Much love."

Scott Stapp Recalls the Initial Loss

In a 2019 with WAAF's Mistress Carrie (seen below), Scott Stapp recalled that fateful day in which the band's gear was stolen.

“We didn’t have a bus,” he explained. “We were just getting started. We parked right in front of the hotel and the following morning, our van is on blocks. The wheels are gone, the trailer has been taken, the chains connecting it cut, and the trailer gone! And so all our gear for the show that night was stolen.”

According to Stapp, their trailer was eventually found emptied out several miles away. At the time, their tourmates Fuel provided the band with gear so that they could continue the tour.

“Not only are you upset, but there was an emotional attachment to some of those instruments,” recalled Stapp. “We weren’t at a place yet where we had endorsements and tons of guitars. For years, we have been trying to find it.”

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Creed's Scott Stapp Recalls 1997 Gear Theft With WAAF's Mistress Carrie

The timing of the instrument's return is great, as Creed have reunited in 2024. The band is currently on the "Summer of '99" Cruise, having played their first show in 12 years on board the ship last night.

Creed have a second cruise, a summer festival and a wealth of 2024 tour dates all booked, with tickets for everything currently on sale.

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