A couple is restoring the famous van that was featured in Blink-182's music video for the song "The Rock Show."

The vehicle featured in the video is a grey 1985 Dodge Ram B250 van with a Blink-182 logo on the side of it, and it's almost as much a star of the video as the members of the band are. In fact, it's become a bit of a cultural icon — some diehard Blink fans have gotten it tattooed on them.

Dodge Ram van in Blink-182's 'The Rock Show' video
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Two individuals named Andrew and Taylor found the van, purchased it and are planning to restore it. They even created social media accounts specifically for documenting their journey with the van, from how they located it to how they plan on modifying it.

The couple created their first post on the Instagram page, appropriately named therockshowvan, this past October.

"We’re restoring the van from Blink-182’s music video for 'The Rock Show,'" they wrote in the caption of the post, which was a Reel showing the van being delivered to their home and what it looked like upon arrival inside and out.

Another clip shows that the back of the van is still dented from when Mark Hoppus crashed it (for fun) on the set of the video.

In a series of Reels, Andrew explained how they located the van in the first place. He recalled that they'd seen some photos of it on Reddit and in articles, and in one of the photos, they were able to see that it was being stored at a bodyshop. Upon researching further, they learned that it had been at a shop in a particular neighborhood of Sacramento, California.

Andrew and Taylor used Google Maps to get a street view of various bodyshops in that specific part of Sacramento, and eventually found one that looked familiar — and the van was in the parking lot. The Blink-182 logo on the side was still somewhat visible in the image, too.

From there, they tracked down the owner of the vehicle and contacted him. The man had acquired the van from a woman about 10 years prior, and had been using it for storage the whole time. He agreed to sell the van to the couple for $1,000, and mailed them the paperwork to sign — some of which was handwritten.

The couple had the van shipped from Sacramento to their home in Austin, Texas.

"It's famous, it's a piece of rock 'n' roll history," Andrew told the driver who delivered the van.

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Despite being nearly 40 years old, the van still starts. Andrew and Taylor have posted a few more updates on the page, and are now asking what people think they should do to restore it.

The page even got the attention of Ram, who commented, "Well, I guess this is growing up," on one of the posts.

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