Despite the seemingly popular negative attitude toward Nickelback, they've still been successful all these years. Frontman Chad Kroeger argues that the band's "haters" are what have kept them relevant all this time.

"All the detractors, all the haters, all the keyboard heroes, they have no idea how much they keep us in the press loop. It's hilarious," Kroeger told Full Metal Jackie during the KLOS show Whiplash.

"Those people that would love to see us go away, if they really wanted to see us go away, they would just shut up," the singer explained. "Because all those bands that came out with us at the same time are all gone, because nobody said anything about them. They all just sort of disappeared. But we've really kind of spun this whole negative thing into a positive thing. And here we are."

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Nickelback's first album Curb came out in 1996, and just released their 10th record Get Rollin' this past November. There aren't many bands that formed in the '90s that have stayed together all this time, and consistently released new music throughout it.

Kroeger and his bandmates are aware of the jokes people make about them and the memes that go viral — and they find a lot of it funny. Shortly after the release of Get Rollin', the vocalist acknowledged that Nickelback are known as one of the "most hated bands," and he laughed it off.

"It's funny because we were at the American Music Awards, and we were presenting, and we presented to Def Leppard. And when we walked backstage afterwards, Joe Elliott and Phil Collen turned to me, and they were just, like, 'Dude, thank you so much.' I'm, like, 'For what?' They were, like, 'For taking the trophy. We get to pass the baton to you for being the most hated band in the world now.' And I was just, like, 'Oh, yeah. 'Cause I want that,'" he told Metal Global, adding that they had a similar experience with AC/DC as well.

"So I feel like we're in good company," the singer remarked.

Nickelback are hitting the road with Brantley Gilbert later this year for a North American tour. The trek kicks off June 12 in Quebec City. See all of the dates and get tickets here.

Chad Kroeger Says Nickelback's 'Haters' Have Kept Them Relevant

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