A lot of musicians are able to name the four or five albums that they consider the best of all time pretty easily, but choosing one as the absolute greatest is a much more daunting task. Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd was up for the challenge, though, and he also tackled a couple other "best of" questions during a discussion with Classic Rock.

Buckcherry have a solid catalog of their own, having just released their 10th album Vol. 10 in June. While speaking with Classic Rock, Todd made it pretty clear that he's a massive AC/DC fan, naming the band's 1980 record Back in Black as "the greatest album of all time."

"Definitely Back in Black for me," he declared. "Prior to that, my whole record collection was independent punk rock. Then Back in Black happened. I used to take that album to parties, put it in my back pocket then go over to the stereo, put it in when nobody was looking, sit back and watch people react."

Back in Black was AC/DC's first album with Brian Johnson following the untimely death of Bon Scott a few months prior. In 2019, it became the second best-selling album in music history after Michael Jackson's Thriller, having sold over 50 million copies worldwide.

Todd didn't stop at Back in Black, though. He also chose the band's longtime guitarist Angus Young as his "guitar hero."

"Not only a great soloist, a great rhythm player too," the singer elaborated. "And then his showmanship on top of that, and the schoolboy outfit and SG. My rock ’n’ roll fantasy came true: we played with AC/DC, like, four times, and I sat right next to Angus on the couch and he was the nicest, humblest, most amazing guy."

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Todd's favorite singer of all time is Prince, the best band he's ever seen live is Rage Against the Machine and his current favorite songwriter is Bruno Mars — a diverse array of selections to say the least.

Buckcherry actually just shared a video for their cover of Bryan Adams' "Summer of 69," which they included on Vol. 10. The video features footage of the band in Detroit and at Milwaukee's Summerfest. Check it out below.

Buckcherry's Josh Todd Names the 'Greatest Album of All Time'

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