Billie Eilish's ex-boyfriend, The Neighbourhood's Jesse Rutherford, has a hardcore band now called Valley Girl, and they just released a four-track demo on YouTube earlier this month.

If you're unfamiliar with The Neighbourhood, you may remember the song "Sweater Weather" that came out in early 2013. Regardless, news of Rutherford and Eilish's relationship first circulated in the fall of 2022 after the couple had been seen out together on various occasions. They broke up in May of 2023, according to People, though a rep on behalf of Eilish confirmed that the parting was amicable and that they stayed friends afterward.

Billie Eilish + Jesse Rutherford holding hands at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party
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Valley Girl first shared the demo on YouTube on Jan. 18, and the credits only mentioned that it was produced by hardcore producer Taylor Young, and that his brother Colin Young played the drums. As noted by Revolver, no one initially knew who the vocalist was, but after they played their first show in San Fernando, Calif. on Jan. 27, it was revealed that Rutherford is the singer, and a lot of people seem surprised.

"Wild that the dude that wrote 'Sweater Weather' also wrote my favorite hardcore demo of 2024," a YouTube comment reads.

"Lmao never heard of The Neighbourhood so I'm completely detached from the lead singer but this goes hard," someone else wrote.

Singer Mac Miller of Cosmic Joke, who also performed at the Jan. 27 show with Valley Girl, took to X to defend Rutherford's hardcore credits.

"Maaaan I really didn’t wanna get into this shit but - 1. Jess started going to shows with me over 15 years ago and had played it low key because he didn’t want to be taking attention. 2. Reasonable to hate on any band for the music but insane to make it personal with a stranger.

"3. Valley Girl moved quietly and announced on the show anonymously so people would come out strictly for the music. They opened a 6 band bill and supported every other act. At the end of the day I just wanted to have my friends play our show, and I’m glad I did. They belong here."

Check out the demo below.

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Rutherford's Instagram doesn't currently mention anything about Valley Girl, but the band has its own page on the platform now.

Valley Girl - Demo

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