Will Billie Eilish appear on an upcoming Bring Me the Horizon song? Fans are presuming as much thanks to Bring Me the Horizon's latest hints about Post Human: NeX GEn, the British rock band's forthcoming effort. Eilish could appear on a track called "Limousine."

Why do fans think that? It's because Bring Me the Horizon's Oli Sykes cryptically dropped the song title under a recent Instagram post from the pop star. And when BMTH played their first show of 2024 this week, the band showed that "Limousine" was a selection on NeX GEn.

So, are your ears ready for the probable Bring Me the Horizon x Billie Eilish collab?

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Amid their year-opening gig on Tuesday (Jan. 9) in Utilita Arena Cardiff in Cardiff, Wales, Bring Me the Horizon played some snippets of NeX GEn songs for the audience, visualized on a large screen via a faux MP3 player. Indeed, "Limousine" was one of the tracks.

Around the same time, under Eilish's post celebrating her win for Best Original Song (Barbie's "What Was I Made For?") at the 81st Golden Globe Awards on Sunday (Jan. 7), Sykes commented "Sick," followed by another comment that just said "limousine."

Billie Eilish + Bring Me the Horizon?

"In the photo posted yesterday by the singer, Oli commented celebrating the artist's victory at the Golden Globes in the 'Best Original Song' category," a BMTH fan site observed.

"Oli later commented 'limousine,' the name of one of the tracks on NeX GEn."

Bring Me the Horizon have shown their love for Eilish before. In 2019, they covered her song "When the Party's Over" for a live performance on BBC Radio 1. Watch it below.


Bring Me the Horizon have been deep in the midst of what was originally proposed as a four-EP series titled Post Human. The group kicked off the series back in 2020 with their Post Human: Survival Horror EP, but they've taken their time with the follow-up.

NeX GEn was expected to drop last fall, but has since been pushed to summer 2024, perhaps with the recent exit of keyboardist Jordan Fish having something to do with that.

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Bring Me the Horizon, "When the Party's Over" (Billie Eilish Cover) [Live, 2019]


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