Metalcore (or, sometimes styled, ‘metalxcore’) has become a fixture of the rock and hard rock identity. In most cases, the term ‘metalcore’ acts as an umbrella term, fully enveloping a wide array of sub-genres (grindcore and deathcore as respective examples). However, the 2010s produced a full spectrum of new metalcore artists that have elevated the genre further into the stratosphere.

The breadth of the decade’s diversity between artists is rather remarkable, with conceptual tracks from Silent Planet and their debut The Night God Slept, which incorporates the existential dread of human violence (employing topics such as the Holocaust and the bombs on Hiroshima & Nagasaki in its sonic textures).

Or, take Caleb Shomo (formerly of Attack! Attack!) and his latest outfit, Beartooth. Continuing in the same tradition as his former endeavor (albeit, with a little more artistic integrity and thrash), Beartooth shares more commonality with metal artists of the previous decade such as A Skylit Drive and, well, Attack! Attack!. And yet, it still fits the mold and squares in nicely with its 2010 list of peers.

No one can forget the other trendsetters that awed us, too, such as PolarisThe Mortal Coil or Invent Animate’s Everchanger. What we’re trying to say here is that, according to the last 10-plus years, there’s an ever-increasing partition for creativity and originality within the genre (I’m looking at you,

Thus, in an effort to compile the best of the best metalcore albums of the 2010s, a laundry list of entries and submissions were waded through by our staff and dedicated writers here at Loudwire. Unfortunately, we could not include everyone despite their impact (like Myka Relocate’s Self-Portrait as a Frozen Father and Malevolence’s Reign of Suffering). But, we did extend our list from 10 to 12, conceding that there are more than just the ones we have listed.

Some honorable mentions include Abandon All Ships and their debut Geeving, The Ongoing Concept’s Saloon and Oceans Ate Alaska and their intriguing Blood Brothers.

At any rate, here are our picks for the 11 Best Metalcore Debut Albums of the 2010s. Enjoy them at your discretion, please.

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