Every artist has a niche. So it's not surprising when a rock or metal band picks a theme for their songs and sticks with it. In fact, there are several bands who each only write about one specific topic. Do you know any bands offhand who only write about one thing?

Sure, almost every rock and metal act has songs about love or songs about tragedy. Not to mention songs about death. These are life topics every listener can relate with. But, without googling it, do you know what metal band only writes about Viking mythology?

Scroll down toward the bottom of this page to find out. What you will see is a list of 10 rock and metal bands that each focus on one specific subject when writing their lyrics.

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Believe it or not, it's not a bad way to make art — focusing on the singular, that is. As any seasoned creator knows, sometimes placing restrictions on how you create elicits results you never knew you could achieve. Bands who write about one thing take that notion and run with it.

Do you agree when it comes to rock or metal bands who write songs about one specific thing? Check out those 10 examples below.

10 Bands That Only Write Songs About One Specific Thing

The following rock and metal bands all have a very singular lyrical drive. In fact, you could say they each only write songs about one particular thing. How's that for focus?

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