Anthrax bassist Frank Bello has been rehearsing with Norwegian black metal legends Satyricon for some upcoming European festivals this summer.

Satyricon's core duo of Satyr and Frost have utilized the services of a great number of live musicians over the years, including late Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison in 2004 and current Megadeth drummer Dirk Verbeuren in 2014.

Now, Bello's name has been added to that ever-growing list. Satyricon shared a group selfie from rehearsal on Instagram, expressing their excitement over the upcoming festival dates. The Anthrax bassist is seen second from the left and he too shared a post while in Norway.

Satyricon listed the names of the festivals they'll be playing this summer and noted that Latin American dates are on the books as well.

Just don't expect Bello to be wearing corpsepaint as Satyricon abandoned that aesthetic years ago. Of course, anything can happen, but it doesn't seem very likely.

Bello, meanwhile, soaked in some culture and history at the Natural History Museum at the University of Oslo in Norway's capital city.

Earlier this year, Bello sat out South American tour dates with Anthrax due to "personal reasons" and the band welcomed back early bassist Dan Lilker for the first time in 40 years.

On June 14, the bass icon will also be guest judging the US Air Guitar New York Regional Championship at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City.

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About Satyricon

Satyricon were first formed in 1990 under the name Eczema, which was changed a year later. In 1993, the band released Dark Medieval Times, a pillar of early black metal and an early example of the genre's more forward-thinking musicality. Their third LP, Nemesis Divina, is largely regarded as their best work, containing an all-time black metal track in "Mother North."

From there, their style evolved into black 'n' roll, favoring more rock-oriented song structures and depreciated extremity, best exemplified by 2006's Now, Diabolical.

Satyricon, "K.I.N.G."

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