This week we celebrate National Police Week, and what better way to celebrate than the times Evansville Police made us laugh!

Evansville Police Department Facebook Page
Evansville Police Department Facebook Page

National Police Week is here! It's a week to show appreciation for those who protect and serve our community. Evansville Police Department has proven time and time again that they are top notch, and consistently show Evansville that they are more than willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. They also have proven that sometimes a good laugh is just as important as the serious stuff!

So in honor of EPD's great sense of humor, here's 5 times they cracked us up!

1) The time they went to Cracker Barrel to investigate what happened to Brad's wife!

2) Every single time they "slow jammed that traffic stop"

3) That time there was a shampoo robbery & EPD proved they were Heads (and shoulders) above the rest!

4) That time they got Willie Nelson's driver in trouble!

5) And last, but not least, the time they showed they aren't afraid of a challenge, even if the challenge is lip syncing (BTW this video got over a MILLION views)!




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