I figured since it's National Love Your Pet Day, I should try to find some positive things to say about my fuzzy roommate...

Hmmm, what to say about my tiny demon....

And I don't mean "demon" in a bad way. I just mean that she IS a demon, but I respect her for what she is....which is a demon.

Chynna Hall

You know how some people are afraid to have their foot dangling over the edge of the bed at night because "the monster under the bed" might get it? She's the monster. She will get it. No dangling foot is safe.

I affectionately call her my "fuzzy roommate" because it was made very clear at the beginning of our relationship that I don't own her. She has tried multiple time to try to prove that she owns me, but Chynna doesn't play those games. We're both two stubborn alphas that refuse to be owned. So we just came to a mutual agreement that we're roommates.

Chynna Hall

Her name is Natasha, which is fitting, because I think she might be a Russian sleeper cell agent.

She likes to play this fun game called "Am I Velcro?" (The answer is always "no", but she never gives up hope...) How the game is played: I turn my back and start walking away. Then she sprints, leaps into the air, and tries to cling to me with her razor fingers. FUN, RIGHT?? Her highest jump so far has been to my shoulder blades. She's very proud of herself. I am not.

I will say, though, she makes an excellent head warmer in the winter.

Chynna Hall

And she always welcomes me home.

And cuddles with me. (She cuddles me, not the other way around. That's a hard NO in her book.)

Chynna Hall

So I guess she's alright...(I secretly love her to bits. But please don't tell her. Her ego is inflated enough.)